I Finished My Foundation!

So, the title said what it said. I finally finished my foundation studies on 27th of May 2019! Yay! Am I excited? Yes, indeed, a lot! 

What can I say about my foundation year? It was indeed nice, despite the difficulties I encountered. I hardly accepted the fact that it was finally over. There was sudden emptiness inside me that kept saying that I want to go back to the campus, to continue studying. 12 months of being in Aimst University as a foundation student taught me a lot. New environment, new friends and new styles of studying. It was tough at first, but I guess I survived well?

My foundation consists of three semesters, 3 months per semester. Honestly, I think it was long and boring though. Especially semester 1 where we did not have much works to do aside from constant classes. Boring! But entering semester 2 and 3, things get tougher. Tonnes of assignments to be done and less time to rest. I am not sure how would people define rest, but for me, not being able to go to bed at 11 is restless. I have fixed sleep schedule ya know and those works made me unable to keep up my regular pace.

However, I would say, I enjoyed my foundation year a lot. Malays were the minority there. My batch only consists of three Malay girls and two Malays boys. And I would say, we were not even that close to each other. We have our own group of friends, only recognising each other as batchmates and exchanged smiles here and there. But it was fine though. I secretly love the diversity of friends I have. One of my friends is a Siamese, the rest are Indians and Chinese. They were much more reliable actually. We talked in broken English a lot, that I took hours to recheck and rewrite this post, seriously and I think there are still errors here and there. 

So now, I have more or less than three months before I continue my degree. Yes, I was bounded to a contract with the university since I was one of their scholarship student during foundation. Thus, I have to do my degree there as well or else I need to repay all my fees during foundation. It will definitely cost more than it should be, right? I do not have any problem with the university though, so why not?

I have a lot to tell about my journey during foundation. But to put them all in a post would make it ugly. So yeah,  I will slowly share my experiences here, with those who willing to read, of course J

Anyway, this is my first post in 2019. Since it is better late than never, I would love to wish happy 2019, salam Ramadhan and happy Eid Mubarak in advance.

See ya.

P/s : This post took a week to finish thanks to my Raya preparation though. My mom legit waited for me to finish my final exams to start preparing.


  1. Congrats for finishing your foundation! And selamat hari raya too!

  2. Congratulations on finishing your foundation! <3
    Selamat Hari Raya to you too!

  3. Congratulation! and all the best for your next adventure hehe =)

    1. Thank you. And oh, I'm so nervous and excited at the same time for my degree :x