MUET Speaking Test

So, I'm not going to talk about what is MUET, how it was done and all. You can either search for it or you will know it from your teacher sooner or later. Except that I want to share my experience taking the speaking test today.

Yes, I kinda messed up a bit. No, maybe a lot.

Lucky me, my test center is my own university, which give me easier access to the familiar surroundings. Aimst is not that big but if you are not familiar, you sure will need some help. I think not just in Aimst though. You will face this anywhere you are unfamiliar with. I supposed to be there by 11am but thanks to me excitement (lol) I reached there by 10.15am.

But the problem started soon.

They changed the venue without telling any of the candidates (except for those who finished their morning session). They said it will be held on the first floor of medical building which is also where our lab is. But seeing no one there, I need to whatsapp my friend again, confirming the venue. This is sure kinda irritating. Just imagine what will happen to the calon persendirian?

At least put a notice about it. Or you can even whatsapp us. Come on.

Thanks to the security guard that I managed to find the exact room.

Coming to the quarantine room, I was greeted by most of the April batch (I am from May batch by the way). Only one among them is my batchmate and I do not even know him. It is seriously awkward like hell.

No friend to talk with.

Then the teacher (or whoever she is) started to call our index number and put us into a group. My group members consists of a Chinese boy (he looks arrogant but he is actually just shy), an Indian boy (he is better than the Chinese one), a Chinese girl (she is okay I guess?) and me. It was REALLY awkward to be honest. The three of them perhaps know each other since they are batchmates but I am from a different batch and the only Malay there. It was stone cold. No one willing to start talking. Thanks to the Indian boy that he greeted me with an awkward smile.

At least he smiled right?

We do not talk at all, perhaps to the next 10 minutes. It was when another 4 girls entered the room. They were a bit late actually. But 3 of them supposed to be my real group members. And what is good is that they are my closest friends! A big relief. At least I can ask them what I do not understand before we start the test. So, we shifted group again, and everything went smooth afterwards.

By 1pm, we entered the real test room, we were greeted with two female invigilators and apparently one of them is my high school teacher. You know the feeling? The feeling of uneasiness. I hope I would not meet someone familiar there, but yeah. She even recognized me eventhough she is not my subject teacher before. Lucky me that I behave. hehe.

The topic is actually kinda boring.

Malaysia depends on foreign workers a lot

A : Malaysians do not want heavy labour job
B : Foreign labours are cheaper
C : Job market 
D : Foreign workers are easier to manage

It was something like this and I am Candidate D. I think I messed up pretty well that for task A, I do not even finish my conclusion and the teacher asked me to stop. NICE. Luckily, I got the chance to cover it during task B. And my point is the chosen point for task B. Actually it does not make much sense. But we need to come to a conclusion for better marks.

But however, I think I like my final examination oral test better. Eventhough this time I got to be in the same group with my friends, but we are actually really awkward. Comparing to my oral test group, we are much more lively. Maybe the tense of the MUET itself.

Wrapping up, it was actually a bit stressful to think about it again. But I hope everything will go well for the other three papers.

Wish me luck.

And oh yeah, I got KPP test tomorrow. What a life.

Pardon my grammar too. I poured out everything just now. *cough*


  1. amira!! i took the same MUET session as you! the topic i got was something about leaders and developing country, hahahah. good luckkkk :)

  2. What a coincidence! How was it? It was pretty boring for me actually xD